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Analog portable multimeter, 1500V AC/DC, 200A AC(clamp), 10A DC, class 2

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A robust, compact finger multimeter, IP 65, 1500V, 1kHz, comes with a 200A clamp for measuring AC current.
Display: Switch.
DC accuracy: Class 2.
AC accuracy: Classe 2.5.
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Express Quote for this product
DC basic accuracy : Class 2
AC basic accuracy : Class 2.5
Direct input for current probe : Yes
Voltage resolution : nc
Min. DC voltage : 500mV DC
Min. AC voltage : 5V AC
AC Max. voltage (V) : 1500V AC
DC Max. voltage (V) : 1500V DC
Min. DC current : 50uA DC
Min. AC current : 10A AC
Max. DC current : 10A DC
Max. AC current : 200A AC
additonal measurements : Resistance
Continuity test
Diode test
Bandwidth : 1 kHZ
Autonomy : nc
Safety Level : CAT I
Safety Overvoltage : CAT III 600V
Additional Characteristics : dB: -6 to +66, diode test, current measurement only by clamp.
Package includes : MN09 clamp, hard case, 2 test leads, 1 battery and 1 manual.
Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) : 155x98x40 mm
Net Weight : 420 g
Standard Manufacturer Warranty : 1 YEAR


The analogue multimeter for any site

The MX 2B stands up to use on any site thanks to its sturdy, moulded, water-resistant casing. It is protected for all calibres and has a safety alarm when used as an Ωmeter.
The ammeter clamp supplied with the multimeter (standard) enables AC current of up to 200A to be measured in total safety, avoiding opening of the main circuit.
The MX 2B also comes in a version in a carrying case.
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