Fluke TiS45

IR thermal imager, manual focus, 160x120 pixels, 3.9mrad, 0.09°C, +350°C, Fluke Connect, IR-Fusion

GW Instek GDS1104B

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Digital oscilloscope, 100MHz, 4ch, 1GSa/s, 10Mpts, 7" color display

Until 30 September

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599,00 €

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Owon MSO7102T

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Mixed signal scope (MSO) 2x100MHz, 500MSa/s(2ch)-1GSa/s(1ch), 16 logic channels, color display

Until 30 September

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Fluke 279 FC Kit

Kit: Multimeter with IR thermal imager, 1000V, 2500A, Fluke Connect + iFlex & softcase

Testoon TV


Testo Smart Probes

Fluke 279 FC

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