Flir C2 Kit

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Compact Thermal Imaging System, 80x60, 0.1°C, touch-screen, MSX - with pouch

723,90 €

699,00 €

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Destockage Testoon sur la marque BEHA AMPROBE

Tout doit disparaître : jusqu'à 40% de réduction !

Stocks très limités ! 

Until 28 February

Flir E5

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IR camera with MSX function, Visible picture, 120x90 (10800 pixels), 0.1°C

1 695,00 €

995,00 €

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Fluke offer

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Buy a FLUKE device* and get the FlukeView software with cable for free !

* check the devices on the landing page

Until the 28th February


Testoon TV


New Flir Exx-series

Fluke 279 FC

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