TTI | EL302P

Alimentation DC linéaire simple programmable 60W, 30V/2A

Code Testoon : TTIEL302P
Série : EL
Référence commande : EL302P
Marque : TTI
Alimentation DC linéaire simple programmable, RS232, 30V/2A 60W
Contrôle à distance et relecture utilisant une interface RS-232 opto-isolée
Réglage via trois roues codeuse
Affichage indépendant de la tension et du courant
Mode courant constant ou tension constante
Faible coût
Modèle léger et compact
Expédié sous 1 semaine
Devis EXPRESS pour cet article
Devis EXPRESS pour cet article
                                                     Thurlby Thandar  EL302P


The EL302P has been designed to meet the requirement for a low-cost dc power supply that can be remotely controlled using an RS-232 interface.

A simple remote interface is provided which can be used to set voltage and current levels and operate the output on/off.

Status monitoring enables actual current or actual voltage to be read back together with the operational mode (constant voltage or constant current).


The RS-232 interface is fully opto-isolated from the power supply output thus eliminating any restrictions on how the output is connected.

Front panel rotary encoders allow the units to operated as conventional bench power supplies. Front panel control can be locked out when using remote control.

The EL302P is an all-linear 60 watt power supply and is an extensions to the highly successful EL series of dc bench power supplies (see separate data sheet).


EL series - full range

Single Output

EL30130V/1A30 watts
EL18318V/3.3A60 watts
EL30230V/2A60 watts
EL302P30V/2A60 watts
EL56156V/1.1A60 watts

Dual Output

EL302D2 x 30V/2A120 watts

Triple Output

EL302T2 x 30V/2A + 5V/1A125 watts



Operating Mode

Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over and indication.

Voltage Setting

0V to >rated O/P by coarse and fine controls.

Current Setting

0A to >rated O/P by single logarithmic control.

Load regulation

<0.01% of max. O/P for a 90% load change.

Line regulation

<0.01% of max. O/P for a 10% line voltage change.

Output impedance

Typically <5mW in constant voltage mode. Typically >50kW in constant current mode.

Ripple & Noise (20MHz bandwidth)

Typically <1mv rms="" cv="" mode="" span="">

Transient Response

<20µs to within 50mV of set level for 90% load change.

Temp. Coefficient

Typically <100ppm/oC.

Output Protection

Outputs will withstand forward voltages above the rated output voltage. Reverse protection by diode clamp for currents up to 3A.

Status Indication

Output ON lamps. Constant current lamps.

Output Switch

Electronic. Preset voltage and current displayed when output is off.

Output Terminals

4mm terminals on 19mm (0.75") pitch .


Meter Types

Separate 4 digit meter for voltage & 3 digit meter for current with 14mm (0.56") LED displays. Reading rate 4/sec.

Meter Resolutions

10mV. 10mA.(100mV in CC mode)

Meter Accuracies

Voltage 0.3% ±2 digit. Current 0.6% ±2 digit.



RS-232 interface. fully opto-isolated from power supply output. 9-pin D connector.

Baud Rate

Variable from 600 baud to 9.600 baud.

Remote Functions

Set Voltage. Set Current. Set Output On/Off. Read Voltage. Read Current. Read On/Off. Read Mode (CV or CC).

Setting Accuracy

Voltage 0.3% ±20mV. Current 0.6% ±20mA.

Setting Resolution

Voltage 10mV. Current 10mA.

Readback Accuracy

Voltage 0.3% ±100mV. Current 0.6% ±20 mA.

Readback Resolution

Voltage 100mV. Current 10mA.


Convection cooling (silent operation).


AC Input

230V  ±14% AC. 50/60Hz. (115V to order)  Installation Category II.  120VA max.



140 x 320 x 160 mm (WxDxH)




Operating Range

+5oC to +40oC. 20% to 80% RH.

Storage Range

-40oC to + 70oC.


Indoor use at <2000m. Pollution Degree 1.


Complies with EN61010-1.


Complies with EN61326.

Garantie Constructeur Standard 1 AN
622-Précision (V) 0.3%
755-Format - taille "Standard - de table"
623-Erreur sur le courant 0.6%
023-Résolution en tension 10 mV
053-Résolution en courant (A) 10 mA
068-Puissance Max. 60 W
057-Tension max. de sortie 30 V
058-Courant max. de sortie 2 A
056-Nombre de sorties Simple
717-Programmable Oui
501-Interfaces de programmation RS-232
055-Mode de fonctionnement (Type) na
621-Ondulation et bruit 1 mV rms
120-Surtension de Sécurité CAT II
036-Caractéristiques Supplémentaires -
132-Livré avec Cordon d'alimentation, manuel d'utilisation
035-Dimensions (HxLxP) (mm) 140x160x195 mm
013-Poids Net 4.4 kg
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