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Distancemeter/Lasermeter 150m, digital color viewfinder

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Leica Geosystems
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Leica Disto, Disto, D410, D5, D510
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Discontinued product
We advise the D510 model

Distancemeter/Lasermeter Leica DISTO™ D410.

Slope indirect measurement in 2 points.
Range: 0.05m - 150m.
Accuracy: +-1 mm.
Integrated digital viewfinder (4-fold zoom), multi-function flip-out end piece (Auto), pythagorian function, indirect measurement by pythagore or with tilt sensor(+-360°), addition, subtraction, area, volume, min/max function.
Screw thread for tripod.
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330-Application : for indoors and outdoors measurements.

748-lasermetres-leica-norme-iso-16331-1-g-365 ISO 16331-1 : Yes
251-Measurement method (type) : Laser
250-Max distance (m) : 150 m
249-Min distance (m) : 0.05 m
328-Measurement accuracy (mm) : 1 mm
252-Functions (type) : Length measurement (m/ft)
Area measurement (m2/ft2)
Volume measurement (m3/ft3)
Minimum measurement
Maximum measurement
Continue measurement
Indirect measurement
Addition/Subtraction length
Addition/Subtraction area
Addition/Subtraction volume
427-Screw thread for tripod : Yes
405-Measurements memorization : Yes
403-Viewfinder : Yes
402-Bluetooth : No
253-Metric system (type) : m, ft, inch
188-Display : High resolution color display 2.4"
36-Additional Characteristics : Big color display
Digital color viewfinder ("Video Mode")
Power Range Technology™, 30 measures memory, indirect measurement, multi-function flip-out end piece
542-Metrology/Quality documentation supplied : Calibration certificate (With measures table)
132-Package includes : Holster, Batteries, User Manual, Quick guide
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) : 143x58x29 mm
13-Net Weight : 198 g
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty : 2 YEARS (+1 YEAR*)
749-*Warranty details : *2 YEARS warranty in standard
-> 3 YEARS after register (8 weeks max. after purchase) on https://myworld.leica-geosystems.com/irj/portal
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Leica DISTO™ D410

Precise targeting and simple outdoor measurement!
The Leica DISTO™ D410 stands for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. With its digital Pointfinder you can target and measure distances even when you cannot see the laser dot. Accurate targeting provides reliable results, especially over long distances and in glaring sunshine. Due to the protection class IP 65, it always delivers reliable results. Furthermore all functions can be clearly seen on the display screen and simply selected.
Leica DISTO™ D410 – your perfect partner for simple and precise outdoor measurement!
  • Pointfinder with 4x zoom
  • Large colour display screen
  • IP 65 water jet protection and dust-tight
  • Smart Horizontal Mode™
  Simple and precise targeting
With the Pointfinder with 4x zoom, the Leica DISTO™ D410 takes measurements with perfect accuracy and in unfavorable light conditions. This is a decisive advantage when working outside in sunny weather. Even if the red laser point is no longer visible, the target can be seen exactly on the display.
    Tough and easy to clean
The housing and keypad are specially sealed against water and dust. Cleaning under running water is also no problem. Furthermore the laser distance meter can be used in all weather conditions, being dust-proof and water jet protected (IP 65).

Smart Horizontal Mode
Even if obstructions such as walls, hedges or people stand in the direction of the target, the Leica DISTO™ D410 quickly comes up with an accurate result thanks to the "Smart Horizontal Mode". One measurement is enough for the required horizontal distance to appear on the display.

    Highest reliability
The range and accuracy of the Leica DISTO™ D410 are tested to ISO-16331-1. That means it has a long range of 150 m and achieves an extremely high accuracy of ± 1 mm, not only under perfect laboratory conditions, but also in everyday use on site.
Technical specifications:
Typical measuring accuracy ± 1 mm
Range up to 150 m
Measuring units m, ft, in
X-Range Power Technology
Distance in m
Ø of the laser dot in mm
10, 50, 100 m
6, 30, 60 mm
Pointfinder with 4x zoom
Memory 30 displays
Measurements per set of batteries up to 5000**
Multifunctional end-piece automatic recognition
Batteries type AA 2 × 1,5 V
Tripod thread
Protection class IP 65 – water jet protection and dust-tight
Dimensions 143 × 58 × 29 mm
Weight with batteries 198 g


Minimum / maximum measurements
Area / volume measurement
Pythagoras function
Smart Horizontal Mode™
Stake-out function a/b
Subtraction / addition

Delivery package:

  • Leica DISTO™ D410 laser distance meter
  • Holster
  • Hand loop
  • Batteries
  • Accessories :
    • LEIGZM26 - Target plate A4 (210x297mm), double sided for lasermeters (+ 27,50 € Exc VAT)
    • LEIGZM27 - Stick-on target plates for lasermeters (+ 27,50 € Exc VAT)
  • Tripod / rod... :
    • LEITRI70-TA360 - Bundle: TRI70 (0.4-1.15 m) tripod + TA360 vertical axe tripod head (+ 159,00 € Exc VAT)

N.B. : You will be able to select your options when you finalise your order.