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TRMS Handheld digital multimeter; 5,000 counts, 0.3% DC, 1.5% AC

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MX concept
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Compact, 5,000 counts digital TRMS multimeter, analogue bargraph, 1000V DC, 750V AC, direct-readoff ADP input for current clamps, capacitance and frequency meters.
Display: Bargraph.
Functions: AUTOMEM.


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Data logger on PC : No
Functions : Large display
Direct input for current probe : No
TRMS : Yes
Number of points (cts) : 5,000 counts
Accuracy (%) : 0.3%
Voltage resolution (V) : 100 uV
Minimum DC voltage (V) : 500mV DC
Minimum AC voltage (V) : 500mV AC
Maximum DC voltage (V) : 1000V DC
Maximum AC voltage (V) : 750V AC
Minimum DC current (A) : na
Minimum AC current (A) : na
Maximum DC current (A) : na
Maximum AC current (A) : na
Measures (Type) : Resistance
Continuity test
Diode test
Multimeter bandwidth (Hz) : 1 kHz
Autonomy (Hour) : 500 hour
Safety Level : CAT I
Safety Overvoltage : Cat III 600 V
Communication interface (Type) : na
Additional Characteristics : VlowZ and ADP 500mV inputs.
Package includes : 1 sheath, 2 security test leads, 1 9V battery, 1 verification certificate and 1 manual.
Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) : 170x80x35 mm
Net Weight (kg) : 300 g
Standard Manufacturer Warranty (Year) : 3 YEARS

MX 23

MX Concept: tools for every generation

The MX 23 is a 5,000 counts, digital, TRMS multimeter with high safety and accuracy. It gives the RMS value irrespective of the signal, sinusoidal or deformed, with or without a DC component. Equipped with a versatile, shockproof sheath, it can be used both on site and in the laboratory. Automatic calibre selection prevents manipulation error.

  • 34-segment bargraph
  • 500kΩ low-impedance measurement input
  • Voltage up to 1000VDC and 750VAC impedance 10MΩ
  • Direct intensity up to 10ADC and 6A AC
  • Resistance up to 50MΩ
  • Automatic calibre selection
  • Audio continuity test, diode test
  • Capacitance meter function up to 50µF
  • Frequency meter function up to 500kHz
  • 3-year warranty
  • Fully protected, complies with the IEC 61010-1 standard
    600V Category III

  • Dimensions 170 x 80 x 35mm, weight
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      • MTXMX23Case - MX23 & accessories with carrying hardcase (+ 48,00 € Exc VAT)
      • MTXMX23G - MX23 & accessories

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