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BK Precision

Bench LRC meter, R/L/C/Z/D/Q/DCR...., 20Hz to 500kHz, color LCD display

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BK Precision
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BK89x, BK891, BK895, BK890
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Compact, precise, and versatile LCR meter capable of measuring inductors, capacitors, and resistors at DC or from 20 Hz to 500 kHz, in both low and high impedance ranges.
4.3" color display.
0.05% basic impedance accuracy.
Measurement parameters include: C/L/R/G/B/Y/D/Q/Z/ESR/DCR/Θ.
Fully adjustable test frequency from 20 Hz to 500 kHz with 4-digit resolution.
Up to 2 Vrms selectable test levels.
201-point frequency sweep function.
Bin sorting function - 10 primary bins with a secondary and out-of-spec bin.
Adjustable measurement speed for fast read out or better accuracy.
Standard RS232, USB,and Ethernet interface for remote control.
Save/recall up to 40 measurement setups.
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Express Quote for this product
233-Test frequencies (Hz) : 100 Hz
120 Hz
1 kHz
2 kHz
10 kHz
20 kHz
100 kHz
200 kHz
300 kHz
Settable range
234-Measures parameters : R
236-Resistor max measurement range (Ohm) : 100MOhm
237-Inductance max measurement range : 100H
238-Capacitance max measurement range (F) : 200mF
24-Accuracy (%) : 0.05 % (best accuracy)
36-Additional Characteristics : RS232 & SCPI compliant USB, Ethernet (LAN) interfaces
132-Package includes : BK894, Kelvin test lead, test support for components, short-circuit adapter ("shunt"), power cord, certificate of calibration, test report, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) : 108x408x369 mm
13-Net Weight : 5 kg
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty : 3 YEARS