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Gossen Metrawatt

TRMS digital multimeter 12,000 counts, 0.05%, Low-pass filter 1kHz, direct current measurement

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Gossen Metrawatt
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4½-Place TRMS professional Multimeter.
Resolution: ± 12,000 counts.
Accuracy: ± 0,05 % in DC V.
Voltage: 100mV - 1000V.
Current: 1A - 10A.
Resistance, frequency, temperature, keying ratio, diode test, continuity test, low-pass filter 1kHz/-3dB.
DKD calibration certificate.
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435-Data logger on PC : No
436-Functions : Bargraph
Fuse protection
449-Direct input for current probe : No
27- Resolution in nb points : 12,000 counts
173-ATEX : No
424-TRMS : Yes
462-Current : AC (Alternative)
DC (Continuous)
463-Voltage : AC (Alternative)
DC (Continuous)
45-PC interface : na
24-Accuracy (%) : 0.05%
19-Min. DC voltage-asuppr : 100mV DC (range)
21-Min. AC voltage-asuppr : 100mV AC (range)
37-Max. DC voltage : 1000V DC (range)
38-Max. AC voltage : 1000V AC (range)
20-Min. DC current-asuppr : 1A DC (range)
22-Min. AC current-asuppr : 1A AC (range)
39-Max. DC current : 10A DC (range)
40-Max. AC current : 10A AC (range)
33-additional measurements : Resistance
Continuity test
Diode test
23-Voltage resolution : 10uV
34-Bandwidth : 10 kHz
25-Autonomy : 200 hour
119-Safety Level : CAT I
120-Safety Overvoltage : CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
36-Additional Characteristics : DKD calibration certificate.
Low-pass filter (1kHz).
132-Package includes : Pair of safety measurement cables (1.5 m) with 4 mm test probes (KS17-2), batteries 1.5 V type AA, condensed operating instructions, CD ROM content: operating instructions in English and German, METRA VIEW demo software, DKD calibration certificate.
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) : 200x87x45 mm
13-Net Weight : 350 g
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty : 3 YEARS


4½-Place TRMS Professional Multimeter

Our new STARLINE generation instruments, namely METRAHIT BASE, PRO and X-TRA, are rugged, reliable digital multimeters with housings made of impact-resistant plastic. The devices feature a new design and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. 

  • Resolution: ± 12,000 counts, 4½-place
  • 3 connector jacks with patented automatic blocking sockets (ABS)
  • Voltage measurement with a basic accuracy of ± 0.05% (V DC)
  • Auto-range current measurement from 1A to 10 A (16A) via a single connector jack and a single fuse
  • Large, light-blue illuminated display with extra large characters 
    (15 mm) and a analog bar graph for dynamic processes
  • Separate battery and fuse compartments
  • IP 52 protection against dust and water
  • Measuring categories: 1000V CAT III and 600V CAT IV
  • Made in Germany
  • Furnished with DKD calibration certificate
  • 16 Multimeter Functions
  • Voltage ACTRMS, voltage AC+DC TRMS, voltage DC, frequency (Hz), keying ratio, resistance, diode test, continuity test, capacitance, current ACTRMS, current AC+DC TRMS, temperature with type K thermocouples
  • Additional filter function and voltage measurement with reduced input impedance for limiting interference, for example when performing measurements at frequency converters
Order number M240A   M242A M241A
Number of multimeter functions   23 16 12
DKD certificate x x x
Voltage measurement x x x
TRMS AC and AC+DC x x x
Bandwidth (TRMS) 20 kHz 10 kHz 1 kHz
Frequency measurement 1 MHz 100 kHz 100 kHz
Current measurement x x Clip-On
Low-pass filter (1 kHz) x x  
Capacitance measurement x    
IR interface x    
Data memory (4 Mb) x    
Mains connection x    
Protective rubber cover x Optional  Optional