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2017 RVDI's products selection

Testoon thanks all the customers, partners and entrepreneurs who have come to this 2017's edition.

For those who can't come to the event, Testoon extend his special offers till April 30th ! 

Don't forget to check our home inspector shop : all our references, products and best deals dedicated to tour activity are in  ! 

Fluke TiS20

IR thermal imager, fixed focus, 120x90 pixels, 5.2mrad, 0.1°C, +350°C, Fluke Connect, IR-Fusion

1 599,00 €

1 495,00 €

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Fluke TiS45

IR thermal imager, manual focus, 160x120 pixels, 3.9mrad, 0.09°C, +350°C, Fluke Connect, IR-Fusion

3 499,00 €

2 395,00 €

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