Tips & Tricks to use Testoon

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Tips and tricks to use Testoon

With Testoon, and Internet, choose and command your measurement instruments is going to be a new experience and you'll go back to it.

1. Search for products
 Free Search  :
  Free search allows you to search for products with key words of your choice.

    Search :

  When you select this button, you can from graphics as tick boxes choose technical criteria useful for you. This graphical search engine is dependant of product category you've chosen and immediatly reacts !

Search by categorie

2. Compare your selection


3. Browse in product details

4. Choose with guides
  For each family product are associated specific information to help you to better choose and understand measurement technics.

You can also see the guide associated on the product details

5. Choose with themes

4. For any job there is a shop

5. Buy, choose your payment method and shipment, or ask for a quotation
When you are interested in a product you can put it in your cart.

  When you've finished, click on picture "cart" on the right top of the screen, to go on with your purchase.

First you can verify what is in your cart, modifiy quantity or delete lines.
You are invited to select your optional or mandatory  options.

  Choose to pay by Credit card and you will be invited to pay from  . Your purchase will be then validated .

Or, you can chhose to pay by cheque or Wire.
Note that in this case we will wait for your payment to validate your purchase order.


6. Follow your order

7. A question / A comment ?

   'TestoonChat', if it is open, after you are identified, click on the frame and you'll be on contact with someone from testoon.

 Leave us a message, we will answer you or contact you quickly

- By email sending us a message
- By fax : +33 1 71 16 17 03
- By phone : +33 1 71 16 17 00
- By mail : Testoon, 99 Rue Béranger, 92320 Chatillon France

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