Keithley SMU 2450 -RE

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#TTDEALS : 5" Touchscreen Sourcemeter SMU Instrument, 1 channel, 10nV-200 V, 10fA-1A, 20 W max - demo as new

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4 299,00 €

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Flir E4

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IR camera with MSX function, Visible picture, 80x60 (4800 pixels), 0.15°C

Trimax SM2500 Re

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Satellite field strength meter, analog & digital (DVB-S), SD picture - Refurbished product


Flir C3

Compact Thermal Imaging System, 80x60, 0.1°C, touch-screen, MSX - with WiFi

Testoon TV


New Flir Exx-series

Testo Smart Probes

Marke Raum

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